Although Webkooks as a company no longer exists, I still do freelance design work from time to time. If you are interested in having a site redesigned or maintained on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, please contact me at lcoffren(AT) Have a great day!
- Lynn Marie

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These are just some of the Web site designs I have done over the past few years. Click on the graphic thumbnail to view a larger image.

Alaska Wellness (2000)
Alaska Wellness
Alaska Wellness (2003)
Alaska Wellness
CILS, Inc. (2003)
CILS, Inc.
E.L. Hudson Publishing (2002)
E.L. Hudson Publishing
HD Connection (2002)
HD Connection
Ilene Meckley (2001)
Ilene Meckley
INCOSE (2002)
Kooky's Korner (1999)
Kooky's Korner
Last Brain Cell (2000)
Last Brain Cell
Last Brain Cell (2001)
Last Brain Cell
MCA (1999)
Metro ODEV Intranet (2001)
Metro ODEV
Metro Training Intranet (2001)
Metro Training
Last Brain Cell (2000)
Our Voice (2003)
SouthernMD (2003)
SouthernMD (2003)
Successful Start (2002)
Successful Start
Triton Metals (2002)
Triton Metals
Webkooks (2001)
Wellness Garden (2001)
Wellness Garden

These are some of my experiments using Macromedia Flash. Never was a real fan of Flash, it's a bit tedious, but at least I can say I tried.

An experiment in movement. All it does is bounce! 2000.

Happy Fade
More movement experimentation. This one will be updated eventually. 2000.

Here are a couple banners and logos I've done for myself and for some of my clients. Haven't done many, as you can see!

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